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Hi, I’m Christine Gilmore

A medically retired RN.   Passionate about sharing our journey with ALS.  I am married to Chris, a wonderful, caring, and loving husband.  Then there is Phoebe, a cuddly, quirky, and entertaining cat.

It was as far back as 2016 when I first noticed subtle symptoms that my body was changing. As many people with ALS say " I was in the best shape of my life".  

 I had been an avid hiker yet I began to struggle, on occasion, when hiking uphill. I also began to trip and fall. All of these symptoms only happened while hiking, so I thought I was getting out of shape. In 2017 a physician told me that there was nothing wrong with me. The fall of 2018 I met with a new physician, and we began the process to determine what was going on with my body.

In 2019, I was told to get my affairs in order. I was told that I have ALS.

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ALS, before and after

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