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ALS:The Other Woman

Updated: Apr 28


ALS sometimes creeps into your life

I didn’t even realize it was happening

When the first signs appeared

I tried to shake it off

My intuition told me something was wrong

My doctor gaslit me, invalidating my symptoms

She left me mistrusting my perceptions

Thinking it was all in my head, I moved on

I eventually discovered I wasn’t crazy after all

ALS was real

It raised it’s ugly head and said “I’m not going away”

 As time goes on the disease demands more and more attention

The level of intimacy changes

The amount of time my husband has to spend with ALS

And the amount of physical work it requires

Has taken away from me, the person

Unlike the other woman, there’s no way to stop it

I can’t leave if I’m unhappy with it  

I acknowledge I am giving ALS too much power

Too much time was spent in past relationships, before ALS, worrying about the real other woman

I have allowed ALS to consume every thought I have

I don’t know what to do about it.

In my mind, the answer is to continue to fight it


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